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Chicago has always been a musician-friendly city, welcoming artists from different genres from R&B all the way to Rap/HipHop. It is a special place for popular artists as well as rising stars who have started making their mark on the industry. The city is the hub of fearless musicians who are true to their craft and dare to experiment with the unconventional rather than following the traditional. Musician SPITDIAMONDS  is one such example. He has been storming the local music scene for quite a few years no

SPITDIAMONDS is a seasoned musician with experience spanning over 7 years. He is known for his crazy popularity on Spotify and is a sought-after artist in his local music scene. Coming from a low-income family, SPITDIAMONDS saw the world’s harsh realities much earlier in life. He recalls the days when his mother badly needed surgery to overcome a health disorder, but his father was jobless and had no money and desperately wanted to earn money to save his mother. 

In middle school, He discovered his passion for music, but he never thought of pursuing it as a career, given his focus on earning good money. He knew the struggles of a new artist in the industry. So far, SPITDIAMONDS has rolled out 4 hit singles including ‘Time’, ‘Get Life’ and many more that have charted on the Spotify platform. His love for his city is reflected in his upcoming singles titled “Alright”.

He is working hard to develop more unique and unconventional music that will enthrall his fans like never before. 

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