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Alireza Kharatha: Reimagining Visual Music

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Technology is changing every aspect of our life, including the music we listen to. This is where visual music comes in. Visual music is a sort of video art that incorporates colored lights and visuals to interpret a song’s rhythms, lyrics, and melodies. Projectors are frequently used in presentations and displays to display artists’ final works on enormous screens. Many pieces of visual music are classified as an abstract film because they are made up of visuals or video clips that do not follow a chronological order. Some early kinds of visual music were based on musical accompaniment to silent films. It quickly developed towards correlating musical notes with flashes of color rather than a tale unfolding on a screen. We may also use this style of sound art in live performances by prominent bands or performers.

Alireza Kharatha is an Iranian singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and actor born in Tehran on January 24, 1999. Alireza began his work at a young age, and with the launch of the Alireza Kharatha company in 2019, he entered the sphere of music and production for the first time. In the online world, he is known as “Alireza Kharatha” and is the originator of visual music. According to his admirers, his finest album is named “Dark,” This album features three tracks with a particular arrangement: Relaxation, Mistake, Money, World Wide, and Back Sun. Alireza Derakhshani’s multi-year experience includes various examples of singing and instrumental music with hip hop and rap genres. Singles such as Dark (2022), Dark Room (2021), Night Silence (2021), and Underwater(2020) are some of his most famous songs.

Alireza has been listening to all types of music since he was a youngster and has always wanted to pursue a career in music. He used to teach guitar, piano, and other instruments as a youngster and hence got a lot of practice. He began composing with a buddy after years of studying music. He began composing for training, but it soon became his work, and he decided to pursue it professionally. And, as they say, the rest is history. He also recalled one of his first made, which he made when he started. His first and most absurd composing error was mixing the singer’s voice with someone who had entirely different music. This incident taught him that he does not readily trust his friend.

Alireza’s mantra for success is always being optimistic about the future and doing his best, and so far, he is rarely disappointed. He advises his friends and aspiring artists to constantly work on and experiment with the latest and most cutting-edge means of delivering fantastic music to the audience. He has a strong appreciation for his audience’s evolving tastes and interests. He believes in providing people with their desires. He wants to share five things he wishes someone had told him before starting with everyone. This includes never giving up on your dreams, never despairing, helping others, taking good care of yourself, and being authentic.

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