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‘Drive’ Hit Maker VITA Is Committed To Healing Her Audience Through Honest Songwriting

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What made the celebrated record ‘DRIVE’ click? Who better to answer that than its maker – VITA. VITA sat down with us to give us the low down on how she believes music has the power to alleviate pain and even put an end to hate. The hitmaker has a simple theory – music speaks. It might say different things to different people, but it speaks nonetheless. And what it says can shift the world on its axis. Melodies and lyrics can do little on their own. Have the right person put them together and what you get is a powerful weapon.

Music, be it party-pop hits or soulful tunes, can hit us on a deeper level. A study conducted by the Journal of Positive Psychology found that with the help of music, “participants successfully improved their moods in the short term and boosted their overall happiness over a two-week period.” This goes to show just how quickly music can turn your mood around. Studies have also found that even listening to sad music helps you feel happier, as ironic as that may seem.

‘Good music has managed to, even if just for a few minutes, decrease the pain of the world and abolish hate.’

That, VITA says, is reason enough to continue working hard at her art.

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