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Nusret Kurtishi And His Take on The Music Industry

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People and their different cultures have always been some of the fascinating things around; hence the phrase humanity is full of color might not be far-fetched. However, one of the few things that have endured despite individual differences is music. Although taste and choices may vary, we can all agree that almost everyone appreciates music or, at the very least, listens to it. This form of art has managed to bring people together and make them express feelings beyond words. 

Musicians, producers, and music makers generally are unarguably very talented individuals. Among these talented people is a musical artist called Nusret Kurtishi. Not only does Nusret have the incredible talent of making music, but he goes a step ahead and uses it for a profoundly positive reason: education. 

Nusret makes educative songs and songs that encourage positivity, hard work, hope, kindness, love, and care for humanity. It’s safe to say that not many artists in the modern day have their songs reflect these values. Nusret has gained a lot of attention from people for his incredibly unique, positive, and meaningful music.

Nusret produces Acapella with vocals. Until now, Nusret has reached an incredible 100 million views on Youtube, a jaw-dropping number of subscribers, and it only goes to show how much people love and adore Nusret’s work. He has over a hundred thousand listeners every month, and Nusret also made it to the top 5 most famous artists in North Macedonia. These achievements are a pure reflection of Nusret’s hard work and his art’s uniqueness. 

Nusret has not always had it easy; He speaks of when he had doubts of his acceptance, how he continued to question how people would perceive his style of music, acapella, and if it would be accepted. Audience acceptance was a make-or-break situation for Nusret; however, he trusted himself and his work enough to go ahead and give it a shot anyway. 

Nusret speaks on his art, motivation, and purpose behind making music. He says music was life to him, and he was keen on utilizing each piece and note to encourage others. Nusret emphasizes the importance of finding every avenue to motivate others to become the best versions of themselves while spreading positivity and kindness. 

While the music industry can often be very competitive, artists like Nusret are a needle in a haystack. His core resonates with a clear goal of helping humanity. 

Nusret’s most prized ambition is to help impact lives positively through his music. Nusret’s goal is to change people’s perspectives of life and reform aspects of society. 

With artists such as Nusret, it’s safe to say that the future of music is in good hands. In time, Nusret believes that his positive impact will stir up a ripple effect and encourage others to do likewise. 


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