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Lambo Lawson’s new Album Phoenix is Incredible

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Lambo Lawson is an artist who has been making waves in the Hip-Hop world since 2018. Last month he released an 18 song Album titled “Phoenix”, and it has fans craving more from the rising superstar. Born in Philadelphia, raised in New Jersey, and now representing Portland Oregon, Lambo Lawson is someone with a story to tell. His high level beat selection paired with his lyrical ability make him stand out not only in the Portland music scene, but in the national conversation as well. Taking music seriously since the age of 15, Lambo Lawson is someone who has been putting the work in for many years. You can hear his consistent development if you play through his discography, this new album is his best one yet. 

Starting off the project with a song titled “When I Was 15” Lambo quickly brings a large amount of energy, giving the listener a taste for what to expect for the project. Quick transitions and flows match the high speed high pitch production on the record, making for a perfect workout song or hype track. The second song on the project features legends Slimesito, Dee Aura & Matt Ox. Debatably the song with the most commercial appeal on the Album, Lambo delivers one of his best verses to date. Building up hype and energy this early on in a project is insane. 

Near the midpoint of the tape Lambo begins to slow it down, and show us a different side of himself. More melody based singing over synth trap production, this vibe really comes to the forefront on track 8 “Higher Than a mountain”. Followed by the Ignite (Interlude) which symbolizes the true transition. It is rare for an artist in the current era of Hip-Hop to deliver such a diverse body of work. One that encompases many niche styles that are currently growing in popularity. With a true rapcore mentality Lambo Lawson also performs many smooth melodic choruses, and pop patterns throughout this album.  

Song #12 titled “THAT’S EASY feat. itsjmane” is by far my favorite on the project. This track is the pinnacle of new age rap music, with Lambo Lawson’s signature style blended in. Smooth catchy melodies with slowed down heavy bass production, this track is a must listen. As I neared  the end of the album I quickly realized some of the best tracks were saved for last. Both “Back On” & “Closet On Museum” are extremely well thought out tracks. Storytelling and lyrical ability is something Lambo Lawson definitely prides himself on, and you really get to hear it on the outro to this album. While remaining catchy and current Lambo Lawson also is able to write methodical lyrics that resonate with all people. His deep emotional understanding and artistic ability make him a very talented writer.

“Phoenix” is an 18 song masterpiece. Rarely are there moments on this tape that lose energy, and the cohesive story is apparent upon 2nd and 3rd listen. The ability for one artist to make great music in multiple sub genres of Rap is really what makes this project stand out. Lambo Lawson is making a name for himself in the Portland Rap Scene, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him in the national spotlight soon. With consistency and determination, this young artist has a ton of potential. 

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