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Keep Up With Devonte Rosero

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Devonte Rosero is a professional magician who uses everyone from A-listers like LL Cool J to the staff at his local restaurant. For example, ‘Mentalist Magician’ Devonte Rosero, who has fooled over 50 million people so far, uses socials to analyze everything from simple parlor tricks to elaborate stage illusions. On IG Live, he invites his 200k+ followers—both regular fans and celebrities like Anthony Davis—to take part in his current projects:

In his lifetime, Rosero has performed in excess of 10,000 shows in 25 cities spanning 4 continents. He began his career in magic and mentalism at the tender age of 16, when he took first place in the legendary Showtime at the Apollo. In addition to his work for Tedx and Harvard University, Rosero has also performed at corporate events for Marriott Resorts, Google, Bacardi, and others. Magicians Without Borders, of which he is a chapter founder, is a charity he is involved with.

Devonte’s dedication to excellence shines through in all of his shows, whether he’s playing for a good cause, for his online fan base, or at a major international event. Even while his present efforts are concentrated on building his online presence and audience for the aforementioned series, he is still happy to take requests for private events or virtual business meetings through his website. Devonte never stops so be sure to keep up with him on The Gram.


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