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CEO-ISHHH Seen at Thisis50 releasing brand-new music!

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CEO ISHHH is back with new songs and can be seen with DJ Thoro on the Thisis50 couch. When Busta Rymes’ manager signed him, CEO-ISHHH began his career.  Today, he is introducing new music. It felt unbelievable to be at the G-unit office, according to CEO-ISHHH, who once looked up to 50 Cent as a child.CEO-ISHHH is a well-known American businessman, wealth coach, counselor, and motivator who is praised for his unlimited vigor, rapid flows, and amazing harmonies. When CEO-ISHHH was only a teenage artist by the name of Oneshot BK Reppa, he was signed to Busta Rhymes manager International Special. He climbed the ranks for years before becoming one of the most sought-after players.

 He certainly fits the bill for a world superstar, that much is certain. This year, he’ll be making a musical comeback. He is one of those people that set new goals for himself that are more ambitious than the previous ones after achieving some life goals rather than relaxing. He thinks that without the thrill of success, life would be pointless and boring and that one day he won’t be able to stop trying or leave the game. He considers himself to be a lifelong student and thinks there is always something new to learn.

In his song “Party Also Night,” Donnie Klang, a P.Diddy signee, and Lil Chuckee from Young Money Cash Money Records all appear. The youthful artist who originally entered the industry is a long cry from the CEO-ISHHH you see today.

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