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Eli Lazar holds back on nothing in his new single “Retro Sunset”

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Eli Lazar’s most recent song has left everyone speechless. To be honest, it’s incredible that “Retro Sunset,” a song released just a few weeks ago, has done so well. With this song, Eli Lazar has established himself as a musical talent to watch in the next few years.

The song “Retro Sunset” exemplifies Eli Lazar’s ability to express himself via music. He lives in America and enjoys traveling. As shown in his work, his art shows his exposure to a multitude of cultures. As a consequence, the music is both fun to listen to and enjoyable to create.

The popularity of “Retro Sunset” was aided by Eli Lazar’s talent, as well as Rumor Records’ immaculate production and mastering. Both have ensured that the song conveys what it was intended to, and they have provided us with this magnificent work of art.

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