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Boy Chad Talks About The Highlights Of His Career

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BOY CHAD is a multi-dimensional media sensation based in Los Angeles, moves between the worlds of singer and songwriter, video/music production, set and wardrobe design, and more. BOY CHAD, born Jarrett Holt, has a bachelor’s degree from Cal State University Northridge, as well as accounting credits from Loyola Marymount University. He has excelled and gone above and beyond with education but that’s not where his story ends. Behind this highly intelligent individual the creative monster that is BOY CHAD exists. In every sense of the word, he is a true renaissance guy, and his music reflects new soundscapes that have been a revelation to many who have encountered him.


BOY CHAD’s music is turning heads in an industry that needs a new breed of musicians to define the future. Slick production values and a genuine innovator on the scene such in his new viral charting song “Losing Control”, His music is creating waves in an industry that needs a new class of musicians to define the future. He will shape the possibilities of what is to come as we rise into a new dawn.


Apart from his musical abilities, He also directs and edits his music videos. He is known for his striking visuals, rapid edits and upbeat style of editing music videos. BOY CHAD’s directorial music styles like polarizing music elements are famous among other artists as well.


BOY CHAD is different from his contemporaries in every sense of the way. From starring in HBO MAX’s “Craftopia” Season 2 to going above and beyond to keep the sanctity of his creativity intact. He went on to feature on VICE documentary special on VICELAND TV “Make It Count.” There he was tasked to get rid of phones and devices for straight 24 hrs, basically disconnecting from the industry to explore nature and learn more about inner self. It helped him to get back to his poetic roots and the art he wants to create. His continued success shows that it is the consequence of sheer talent and hard work, not another viral fluke.


You can find BOY CHAD on Instagram @boychadx

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