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Rapper von Archer Uplifts the Hip-Hop Community With Upcoming Single “Soul of a God”

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Von Archer is officially back. The inspirational rapper has announced the 5th single release date of “Soul of A God,” is set for  June 24th, 2022. The new head-bopping hip hop track is a special listening experience with messages of unity, love, and personal evolution at its core. The song is empowering and brings something special to hip-hop culture.

We first fell in love with Archer when he released “Cassius” and “Elevate” with Hip Hop artist Doxamillion before teaming up with Gaby G. & Johnny Show in “Viva A Sua Vida.” The rapper went on to release his first single earlier this year titled  “Tyrone Evolved.” The former bodybuilding champion and fitness trainer gave us more than just music – he gave us eye candy with his muscular physique and sex

“A young kid that I knew was shot and killed a couple of years ago. That is what inspired me to write this song. If we had more love, I believe these types of things wouldn’t happen. We are all God’s in our own way. If we all moved with the soul of a God, we would be able to spread more love and unity,” says Rising Hip Hip star Von Archer.

The single is a follow-up to “Tyrone Evolved,” a man’s response to Erykah Badu’s 1997 hit “Call Tyrone.” This new release is inspired by true events with an agenda to promote unity within the culture.

As you already may know, June is a special month for black excellence. With Black Music Month, Juneteenth, and BET week approaching, it was only right for the South Florida based rapper to give us lyrics that heal.

Archer opens up the first verse with powerful, thought-provoking lyrics. 

United we stand I’m talking Unity divided we fall/ Change the narrative to help the people evolve/To the younger generation show them what’s real/ They’re popping them pills popping in clips looking to kill/ 9 o’clock on the dot a Glock nine was popped / Watch the news in the morning somebody’s son was shot/ Somebody’s mom in shock, it’s an ongoing cycle…” he raps. 


Ahead of the release date, Von spoke to about the release.

“This song was inspired and based on the murder of a young man to violence” Von said. “His mother’s name is Isabel – Her son was killed a year or 2 ago in Riviera beach. I mentioned an incident similar to his in the song. When I rapped “somebody’s son has been shot, it’s an ongoing cycle.” Also, when I mentioned, “drop your face in your hands trying to understand.” I knew what she was thinking – that it was not a part of God’s plan for him to die like that.”

“Soul of A God”  is set to release on June 24. Mark your calendars.

For more information on Von Archer, Follow him on IG @von_x_archer

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