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PR Specialist and Entrepreneur, CortneyCherelle, expands her business to a full-service PR Agency

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The Public Relations industry has been vital for businesses all over the world, especially since the start of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CortneyCherelle is now thriving and excelling in the PR field and is helping organizations and brands expand all over Los Angeles.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the city of Compton, CortneyCherelle found herself being surrounded by middle-class families, many of whom worked 9-5 jobs. She knew that she was destined for greatness and was determined to let nothing stop her from achieving it. Her natural-born abilities of public speaking and communications, paired with her acumen and educational background helped prepare her to enter and thrive into the PR world. She developed a passion for public relations while attending Fresno State University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Mass Communication and Journalism. She later went on to pursue her graduate degree and earned her MBA in 2020.

CortneyCherelle found opportunities in various media positions, one of which allowed her to be a guest on the Cruz Show on 92.3 radio station, LA’s New Home for Hip Hop. She then became known for her outgoing personality, professionalism and hard work ethic. She’s worked with Watts rapper Stix on a community-based health fair that helped underserved children in Los Angeles with school supplies, dental kits and health immunizations.

CortneyCherelle climbed to the corporate ladder while earning a credible reputation in the PR industry. She created Parson PR, a full-service PR agency that helps organizations and brands to improve and rebuild their relationships and credibility with the public. Her sagaciousness is what causes her to protrude amongst others within her field.  She uses her influence as a platform to help college students from various universities learn the ins- and- outs of public relations. She has plans to create a Parson PR scholarship that will be given at the start of each school year to undergraduate students who major in public relations.

Her resilience and impeccable worth ethic are what helped her become the PR representative and spokesperson for Dr. Oliver T. Brooks, well-known pediatrician, philanthropist, and Chief Medical Officer at Watts Healthcare Corporation. CortneyCherelle has excelled at facilitating numerous TV and radio station interviews that has allowed Dr. Brooks to educate and provide underserved communities with information and access to essential healthcare.

CortneyCherelle is a positive role model to young women all over the world. Her resilience and steadfastness are an inspiration to women from all walks of life. As a young black successful businesswoman, she hopes to reach and maintain the highest calibers of success in order to reach back and help bring other women up.

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