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Clipse Live | Full Set | Something In The Water 2022 | Clipse Reunion | Pharrell & Phriends

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Pusha T and No Malice Reunite as Clipse (One Of My Favorite Groups) for Pharrell’s Something In The Water Festival In Washington, D.C. as part of the Pharrell & Phriends Set with Pharrell Williams.

00:00 – Clipse Intro
0:28 – Mr. Me Too
3:55 – Pharrell and Clipse Talk
4:28 – What Happened To That Boy
7:14 – Making Sure Everyone is O.K.
8:04 – Cot Damn
9:18 – Making Sure Everyone Is O.K. , Again. Making room for EMS
11:12 – Cot Damn (Again)
13:37 – Grindin’

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