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Teenage Music Producer IcyDavy is a ‘Wonder Boy’ in The Music Industry

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David Goversen was born on the 7th of July 2005 in Tilburg, is a Dutch music producer better known by his stage name IcyDavy. The part “Icy” of his stage name came from school. Kids used to call him Icy for his fondness for ice cream.


IcyDavy is well known for producing the English-speaking Dutch rapper KVBA’s song “Wait For Me On Christmas.” The melody and beat evoke strong feelings of the Christmas season and spending time with  friends and family. IcyDavy was born in Tilburg and began making music at the age of thirteen. His parents gave him a fresh new keyboard and speakers when he was thirteen, to help him launch his career as a music producer. David had already identified his talent because he swiftly grasped the ins and outs of the software known as FL Studio. David created multiple beats using the software FL Studio. His beats were heavily influenced by the beats of American music producer Scott Storch, whom he had listened to since he was a child.


IcyDavy first came under the spotlight when he joined the live stream from well-knownvolleyball star Daenan Gyimah, also known as rapper Kofi from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, IcyDavy performed one of his tracks to rapper Kofi during the COVID-19 live stream in 2020. Kofi was stunned by what he had just heard. “Everything is there, for fourteen, give homeboy some quarantine time, and he’ll be triple platinum by the age of seventeen,” said Kofi and Las Vegas director Jai Shaun White. This reaction provided David a huge confidence boost to continue generating beats in the foreseeable future.


On June 28 of the following year, IcyDavy attended an event hosted by Dutch producer Renjiroo from the Dutch music label QuatroVision, which was founded by Dutch artist Henkie T. “Challenge The Loop” was the name of the event. The rhythm that IcyDavy created with their sample wowed the judges. IcyDavy then performed his beat at an event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a few days later.


IcyDavy will never forget this moment when everyone was enjoying his beats and getting excited about his next tracks. And inspired by this intense feeling, David released his first album “Euphoria”. David’s future endeavours seem to be more exciting as he plans to go to LA and connect with the huge music network and work with the top musicians. IcyDavy is an inspiration to all the young producers who want to produce great music. He is an example to keep pursuing your dreams and never shy away from trying new interests, and to never stop believing in yourself and your talent.


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