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Malachi Tamepo releases a beautiful and emotional song — Dear Future Me

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Music is an extremely personal and sensitive art form. Artists in the music industry put their heart and soul into creating music. No matter the genre, for a music album or song to go hit, it is essential for artists to dive deep into their feelings and bring out the best for their listeners.

While there are numerous talented artists in the music industry, there are new and upcoming artists that are increasingly making their place in the industry. One such artist with immense talent is Malachi Tamepo, or as he is popularly known Manzy.

While he has been into music since a very young age, 21-year-old Malachi Tamepo handles a regular 9-5 job along with creating his own music. Any free time that he has, Malachi ensures that he devotes it to music.

Malachi recently released his latest single, an emotional rollercoaster song, Dear Future Me and will be releasing EP and Love Can Hurt Pt. 1. He also plans to release Love Can Hurt Pt. 2 and Love Can Hurt Pt. 3 in the next two years.

From looking at music as a form of enjoyment to creating beats for artists, Malachi has come a long way. As years went by, friends went away and his heart got broken, Malachi realised that for him music wasn’t just merriment, rather it was a medicine for him, a medicine that saved him.

Malachi started his career in the music industry at the worst point of his life. He has released two albums of his own very close to each other and currently, he is on his own journey as an artist. Malachi also creates hip/hop and EDM beats for other artists.

Malachi works with a close-knit and reliable group of small people that he shares a strong connection because they have the same passion and drive for music as he does.

While he started with 10 listeners on Spotify, he today has a following of 15K listeners.

Music has helped Malachi at his worst and writing music has helped him pick himself up and gain a fresh perspective about life.

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