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Fortune Noco Is Making His Mark For The Bay Area

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The Bay Area has been making their mark on music since the dawn of hip hop. Hailing from Oakland comes dynamic hip hop artist Fortune Noco. His style is diverse and imaginative, singing and rapping across space production with ease.


Fortune Noco’s latest release comes in the form of three catchy new singles, comprising together as an EP titled “Big Moves”. Released in May, it sets a precedent on what we can expect from the nomadic artist in 2022. He mixes his signature melodic influences with quotable bars in what makes for an intriguing listening experience. Some of Fortune Noco’s more notable releases are his 2020 single “Broken”, and “The Afterthought”. A strong body of work and sense of originality within his music is what will catapult Fortune Noco to the next level.


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