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How Young J $tacks Overcame Struggle To Build A Career In Music

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Growing up in a Hispanic American family in Hartford, Connecticut, rising hip hop artist Young J $tacks was faced with the hardships of watching his single mother struggle to raise her two sons on her own.

Faced with a choice to survive, Young J $tacks dropped out of school at 14 years old to become a barber and hustle his own way in the streets.

As the MC matured, life didn’t get any easier. Young J $tacks was shot in the head while trying to defend his girlfriend’s sister from her abusive boyfriend sending him into a coma. Faster forward almost 12 years since that time and Young J $tacks is better than ever and making waves in the underground music scene.

The MC just dropped a new single titled ‘Trap God’ ahead of a bunch of music that’s been sitting in the vault.

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