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Jonathan Fogelberg Announces Launch of Europe’s Largest Fitness Transformation Challenge

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Fitness has historically been a pastime rife with tradition, holding a strong disconnect between professionals and amateurs and an obsessive adherence to ‘best practice.’ That norm has continued partly into the modern age, as many look to influencers to guide their daily workout. But online fitness figures, such as Jonathan Fogelberg, can rise to popularity from any background. Lying beneath their increasing prominence is new accessibility to previously guarded regimens.

Fogelberg, a bodybuilding enthusiast with a history of training elite athletes, is an unlikely proponent of this cultural shift. Today, he has announced the return of his competition, the ‘90 Days Challenge’, this time on a continental scale. 

Previously, the competition was only held in Fogelberg’s home country of Sweden, where he was considered a prolific ‘pro-creator’ in the athlete coaching space. But a recent move to Dubai has catalyzed his transition into fitness entrepreneurship, an area in which he hopes to influence more people to achieve ambitious goals.

“We’re excited to open up the 90 Days Challenge to the whole of Europe,” Fogelberg said. “On two-to-three occasions a year, my coaches and I handpick people we think will be ideal for the challenge. It’s close to our hearts, and we aim to take it worldwide in the next few years.”

Fogelberg is visible on social media, notably Instagram, where he offers quick fat loss tips for free to the public. Beyond the importance he places on accessibility, what defines Fogelberg as part of a modern wave of fitness coaches is his savvy use of social media. Its use includes in the 90 Day Challenge itself, where online technology plays an integral part in distinguishing competitors.

“On day 90 of the challenge, we invite the remaining participants to a photoshoot with photographers, videographers, make-up artists, and spray tanners provided,” Fogelberg said. “Then, each participant is featured on our Instagram stories as part of a vote, going head-to-head with their competitors. Using social media like this means our participants can grow their profiles while contributing to ours.”

While in tune with his current move towards online entrepreneurship, such use of new technology is at odds with Fogelberg’s history in elite athletics. Since 2016, the now 32-year-old coached clients to more than 270 top three placings in fitness competitions.

Expanding the 90 Days Challenge’s reach to more countries, including large markets in Western Europe, could provide significant online growth for the Coach JF brand. Currently, Fogelberg sits at over 24k followers on Instagram. He could soon see challenge participant numbers rise to similar heights if the premise takes off across the continent.

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