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The Real Eli Barillas : Optimist, Advocate, Pop Sensation

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Only a chosen few are fortunate enough to discover their real passion. To have your passion coincide with your talent is remarkable, if not utterly impossible. One such blessed individual is budding recording artist Eli Barillas. A true prodigy of her time, this talented artist believes in making music that is heartfelt. In a world that settles for bubble gum pop, the few musicians like Eli Barillas stand out.

Eli doesn’t produce unique music to simply make a point, though, making a point is an added bonus. The real reason Eli makes this kind of chart-topping music that has struck a chord with millions of now loyal fans is because of genuine passion. Even after achieving such massive success, Eli Barillas remains true to the craft. Talented yet humble, Eli Barillas believes in perfecting the craft. Every evening, Eli Barillas goes back to the instruments in a bid to hone one’s skills further. Out of these sessions is born, what is sure to be, the next big hit. Should one know Eli Barillas and the kind of passionate person she is about music, it wouldn’t be too surprising.

From a creative standpoint, Eli Barillas mantra is simple – continue creating music that her fans deserve and nothing less. Eli Barillas thinks realism is what the world needs, so that is what her music offers. With millions of fans backing her up, some of the biggest names in the industry are sitting up and taking note of this bold artist carving her own path. Today, all eyes are watching her every move, waiting and watching from the wings what new trick she’ll pull from her sleeves. Weaker souls or ones who entered the creative world on a whim might’ve found this kind of pressure hard to cope with. But such is not the case with Barillas, a woman who is here based solely on raw talent and a passion that burns through every unmissable melody and little lyric.

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