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Motivating Music Journey of “Eduxr”, an Orlando Upcoming Artist

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Eduar Maldonado, popularly known as eduxr, is an upcoming artist from Orlando, Florida. He was born in Yonkers, New York, and moved to Orlando when he was 11 or 12. His music journey began seven years ago. He started seeing himself as an artist and gradually became one through learning, developing sound, and taking a lot of inspiration from various artists. He also practiced sound engineering. 


eduxr couldn’t be more proud of himself as he became very successful in everything he did, from making music to mixing. Although it took him quite a while to get where he currently is, the experience was worth it. eduxr is delighted that he has a great support system that has walked with him throughout the journey.


“My brother, Zenyi’s Nghtmre, was one of my biggest inspirations and one of the most significant help I ever had through my years as an artist, and growing myself to be a better person and artist is a learning experience for me, ” says eduxr.


eduxr’s music lyrics are inspired by stories from his past, love songs, past relationships, past mistakes, and everything from his heart. Regardless of the music genre, eduxr always lays it out on the mic. His music is innovative and exclusive because he utilizes his art and talent to create his sound. He is always open-minded and has excellent concepts when it comes to collaboration within his music, either with artists or producers. 


eduxr continues to grow his brand, career, his relationships with people, and the big names in the music industry, hoping to make it to the top soon and be an inspiration to more in-the-making artists.

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