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Lupe Fiasco Shares “Drill Music In Zion”

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Produced by Lupe’s longtime collaborator Soundtrakk, “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” bears little resemblance to the genre in its title, blending crisp, East Coast-style drums with dreamy bebop horns and atmospheric piano. Creeping through the beat’s negative spaces, Lupe Fiasco examines the way greed transforms each interaction into a transaction, and how the profit motive corrodes our collective humanity:

“Position jostlers monitor hegemonics/Robots make the robots that solder electronics/Nostradamus couldn’t bother to keep a promise/Logic’s on a rocket, where profit defeats the conscience.”

Lupe ties together his anecdotes with his gently-crooned hook, which slyly comments on how art created amidst strife–such as the drill music that originated in Lupe’s hometown of Chicago–becomes entertainment for the comfortable masses. With DRILL MUSIC IN ZION on deck, an invigorated Lupe Fiasco seeks to prove once again that few rappers in history can rhyme like him.

Listen Below:

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