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Meet Artist On The Rise ‘Pariz’ – Headlining Baltimore Afram W/ Neyo and Young Bleu

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Who is celebrated artist Pariz? And why is the content of his music garnering critical acclaim? Of course, we all know how isolating these times have been, and nothing is more encouraging than a good word. But, when it comes to showcasing legendary talent and extraordinary craftsmanship, this is exactly what rising recording artist Pariz aims to do with his discography.

Assuming you’re up to date on the music scene, you’ve most likely heard of Pariz. He is a vetted musical artist, seamlessly leaving his imprint in the modern music world. Entering 2022, Pariz continues to push limitations and defy the odds–he’s quickly made a name for himself through original pieces, viral social media, and Spotify presence, which has amassed thousands of followers and fans combined! His recent studio efforts see him probing untapped visionary prospects, mixing unique sounds while remaining true to his roots.

He’s young, zealous, passionate and a significant influence on those in his circle. Talents like Pariz are innate to connect to fans by consciously uniting relevant themes and confident lyrics (while staying uncompromisingly nuanced) that many find relatable in his music. Pariz is unafraid to be himself and put himself out there; that’s precisely why he’s quickly built a robust following and continues to turn heads at every concert.

Regarding his recent ambitions, Pariz will be headlining the prominent Baltimore Afram alongside Neyo and Yung Bleu, and this is one of many showcases we can expect from him this year. In addition, we see the budding superstar teaming up with several major label artists, collabing with nominated producers and securing solid partnerships with significant figures in the music world. Pariz also recently dropped a new record called “Diary” ft. Akbar V (Love And Hip-hop Atlanta) which has soared on streaming platforms and continues to receive praise internationally.

It’s undeniable that Pariz is making some strong statements this season, and nothing can slow him down. He’s marked his territory and knows his space. We can expect to see more of him in the public eye, and one thing is sure. His star power will keep rising.


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