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Legendary Producer “C-Ray” Is Developing Stars

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One name that keeps floating by our office is “C-Ray”. Christopher Roberts aka “C-Ray” is a unique music producer, in the sense that while he has done major records and charted #1, he has remained true to his passion of developing up and coming talent and crafting their sound. 

After producers go number one, they typically chase the biggest placement. They work with A-List artists for the biggest paycheck. This traditional route has worked for countless producers – but it really only ADDS to something that already exists, instead of co-creating it from the ground up. 

C-Ray does things a bit differently. He is deeply involved in the artist’s development and crafting of sound for each soon to be star he works with. For instance, with Halle Abadi, they found a way to fuse her Middle Eastern Roots with a fire pop sound – creating a single that is viable in the current market, while maintaining the essence and spirit of Halle’s music. With Sophia Treadway, he strategically enlisted the most recent album of the year Grammy Winner: Autumn Rowe, to craft together an R&B song called KissNTell. C-Ray hit a home run on this tune – as it’s already going viral for Sophia in its first month on Spotify. The list of ground up artists he’s blown up goes on and on. 

With any monumentally successful person, they usually don’t do it all on their own. His partner Marc. E Williams (known for his work with Madonna, Janet Jackson, etc) has guided C-Ray through the pitfalls and murkiness of an industry that’s full of snakes and people who don’t provide real value. These two have been an honest and powerful team – collaborating successfully for over 10 years. They’ve cemented some of the dopest artists of our time – And if history is an indicator of what’s to come – many more artists will be made by this stellar team. 

Check out C-Ray and all of the artists he works with on instagram

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