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Crybaby Cash Offers Up “Pull Ya Card”

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Crybaby Cash is an up and coming artist that has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time and built a massive following on his YouTube channel @mcashhole for his viral music skits and parodies. The creator ultimately ran with his newfound abilities to produce lyrics and music and started his indie career under the stage name Crybaby Cash. With years and numerous successful releases under his belt, including “Weather” which was placed on Lil Dicky’s TV show Dave, Crybaby Cash has evolved into one of the best underground artists at his craft.

Crybaby Cash returned to the scene once more to give his fans another masterpiece in the form of his new song “Pull Ya Card”. The song was released as an audio in the 5-song EP “LET ME IN” and also in the form of a popular music video.

“Pull Ya Card” is an upbeat listen from the jump, featuring an excellent beat choice that leaves tons of room for Crybaby Cash to record his bars. The music video adds a perfect visual representation to the audio, keeping up the pace switching in and out of different shots of Cash or visual animations and effects.

With more music on the way be sure to follow Crybaby Cash on Instagram for updates and check out the audio and music video for “Pull Ya Card” links below!

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