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Z Ahmed, swift rise in the music realm, helps him create massive headlines.

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Not all those who wander are lost is one particular phrase that has remained true for some people for all their lives. These individuals strive for excellence in all that they choose to lay their hands on and work towards spreading their wings across different things to attain exceptional success for themselves in their careers and life. They focus the most on learning something new each day to implement the same in their daily work to offer their target demographic something unique and that which can help them differentiate their work from others easily. The music industry so far has given birth to innumerable such talented beings, where many have even entered the music game, after acing other fields, just like Zach Ahmed did in the entrepreneurial world and now is acing the game in music.


Getting into the music world was not something that happened for him overnight. It took him some bold and tough decisions to take this plunge in music by listening to his heart to become a singer and songwriter that offers meaning and value into people’s lives through music.  Ahmed is popularly known as Z ahmed in the music space and so far has truly won hearts with his distinctive yet powerful voice that has the power to evoke the right emotions in each of the listeners.


Z ahmed says that he had to face numerous challenges on his path. Firstly, to step in the ever-evolving and fiercely competitive industry was tough, and secondly, to still pave his own path to success in the field, even amidst massive competition, also challenged him in ways more than one, but he kept focusing on his goals anyway, and that is how came up with unique tracks like Million Ways, Danger Is, My Life, and the recently released 11-Tonight, available on Spotify, and many other major streaming sites and platforms.


He now can’t wait to come up with many more promising new tracks to win more hearts and create his unique niche as a singer, songwriter, and musical talent.


To know more, follow him on Instagram @zckmed.

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