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TeeToe Andretti Is Coming To Solidify His Name In The Music Industry

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Recording artist TeeToe Andretti has been consistently hard at work to solidify his name in the music industry.  He Released a 5 song EP in April of last year that fans have fallen in love with.  They have been patiently waiting for his next release but unfortunately he has been locked up for almost a year.  He is set to come home soon and take back his throne.  Being locked up doesn’t stop TeeToe Andretti from growing and promoting his work, he has a team that has been working with him to take it to the next level even with the restrictions he has.  He is always plotting his next move and has a project in the works titled “County Thoughts”.  When he comes back home he already has an interview set up with his homie Brutha Bubba.  He plans to tell his story leading up to now and what his next moves will be moving forward.  If you’re a fan of TeeToe Andretti make sure you tune in to his music on all platforms.


IG: TeeToeAndretti_

Twitter: TeeToeAndretti_

Snapchat: TeeToeAndretti7

TikTok: TeeToeAndretti7

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