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Rising Artist Denim Nicole Is Set to Storm the Music Scene

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Thanks to the advances in technology and the fresh crop of artists who dared to defy conventional music to create something unique, the music industry has evolved through a sea of change over the past decade. Denim Nicole belongs to the new breed of music artists who love to think outside the box and never limit their creativity to one genre. The 18-year-old artist is a gifted rapper and songwriter who knows how to use her creativity for a purpose. All her songs have a strong message that people can relate to, yet they are fun and enthralling. 

Denim Nicole is a young singer, songwriter, and rapper who has geared up for a fierce comeback to the music industry. She is the writer and singer of the song “Lemonade,” which became a hit after its release in August 2018. The song, produced by Mike Wavvs of Black Space Music, premiered on BET Jams. The video was meant to rotate on BET Jams for at least a month. However, it only aired for 3 days, and nothing was said or done by her label’s CEO about her music after that. This denied the 14-year-old Denim her much-deserved recognition as an artist. Now she is a more focused and seasoned music artist who’s ready to take the industry by storm with her upcoming releases. 

From the time Denim could walk and talk, she has been a performer. From family gatherings to dance teams, she has always loved to entertain people. She discovered her passion for music at 12 and has written numerous songs since then. Writing songs became a way to vent her emotions when words failed her. From her parents’ divorce to bullies at school, Denim’s music was inspired by all these experiences in life but always had a positive note. For instance, her song “Lemonade” is a hilarious take on trolls and haters while being light and fun. It was her way of telling people that they were not alone. 

In 2015, Denim was introduced to a family friend who was connected to the music industry. Impressed by Denim’s performance of her first song, “Done With these Bullies,” he agreed to fulfill her dreams of becoming an artist. She even met notable music producers and recorded numerous songs for a few years. Unfortunately, none of her songs were released, and Denim was left with no hope of accomplishing her goal. After all these fake promises from the family friend, Denim lost her self-confidence and stopped writing songs for a while until her brother SpaceKillem supported her, and they started making music together. 

Denim is still in the process of re-recording all her previous songs that were never released. She moved to a new studio and recorded selected tracks that are due to drop in May this year. These include “Goku,” “Wasted”, “Stuck In The Dark,” and “I Know.” Denim is optimistic about her upcoming releases and believes these songs will get her much-deserved recognition in the industry. 

Denim’s music is fresh, unique, and cutting edge. Her fans will not only enjoy the rhythm but will also pay attention to her lyrics. She has a message in every song that will resonate with millions of hearts. After breaking free from the make-believe world of the family friend who kept her stuck in the same place for years, Denim has now become unstoppable. She is set to release back-to-back hits over the coming years and earn her audience from different corners of the world. 

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