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Female Singer Kierstenk Balances Modeling & Music

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Los Angeles based independent artist Kierstenk operates on a very busy schedule split between her modeling and music gigs.

Kierstenk first built a following on Instagram with her content as a model. The singer then leveraged her audience and began showing her true talent for writing music.

Kierstenk first began writing music when she was 14 years old, being inspired by the artists she was a fan of growing up. The creative’s sound is stripped down, and mostly consists of only acoustic instruments and bare vocals.

As a singer, Kierstenk says her stripped down sound allows her to better reach her audience, as she feels her sounds comes across as more authentic. “I like when my fans know it’s just me,” explained Kierstenk.

Kierstenk just released a new EP called ‘Impressions’ and has plans to drop even more music before the end of the year.

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