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Meet Havoc Osiris , One of the Next Rising Artists to Watch

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Havoc Osiris has hit-making potential, with each hit gaining more attention. The rising star has the potential to be one of 2022’s true breakout artists, with radio-ready, impossibly catchy debut singles like “Dragonpower” still circulating.

Since 2020, Havoc Osiris has been dropping real hits, and it’s easy to see the upcoming producer going from relative unknown newcomer to chart-topper in a short period. Before we know it, Havoc Osiris might have a whole arsenal of hits, and he’s got the potential to rise to the top of the industry considering and Havoc Osiris states “I will always have something I am working on, and I am always aiming to be more consistent with my output, no matter what.” With this being said it is no doubt that Havoc Osiris will be one of the next rising artists to watch.

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