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Rumor Has It that PupDawg Has An EP Dropping Soon

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Pakistan rooted and Boston living artist Dawg knew that he wanted to pursue music early on in his adolescence, as he would take on gigs as early as Jr High and High School of being in charge of the music at house parties. He enjoyed putting together tracks and recording them from store-bought cassettes and making memorable moments with friends, but he was also interested in making money, and that’s when it sparked that he wanted to take it on as a career. Now, Pup Dawg enjoys creating those special memories for his fans on the radio waves when it comes to hearing his own music on the airwaves and working with other artists.
Not only does he get to make music every day but he also gets to record with some of your favorite artists! Pup Dawg also shared that he loves being on stage the most for those memorable moments and is not ready to leave anytime soon.
Also, rumor has it that Pup Dawg has an EP dropping soon!

Make sure to tune in and catch Pup Dawg on the airwaves and follow him on social media @djpupdawg.

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