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Introducing Privilegeb

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Stephon “Privilege B” Baines is a civil rights advocate, public figure, and artist. Like many youths raised in the inner city across America, Privilege B began getting into trouble by age 14. After getting arrested in high school he was adopted by his aunt and decided to change his life for the better.

Inspired by his childhood, while in undergrad Privilege began traveling the country to expand Youth empowerment and amplifying the voices of those affected by childhood poverty. He also created youth advisory boards composed of children from the foster care system. His work was recognized by members of Congress and The White House.

Privilege B’s passion for music and poetry grew while matriculating at Mercy College. After graduation he made several revolutionary songs including “Jackie Robinson” and “Savage”. Creating music became therapeutic and has helped heal childhood traumas.

After the world changing murder of George Floyd, Privilege B took a hiatus from music. He had to follow his call of unifying the Black community through community organizing. His advocacy has led him to join forces with activists and community members demanding justice. Privilege B’s work includes the high-profile police brutality cases of Luis Monsantos and Mike Rosado among others.

“Music is my lifestyle and I will always create” is Privilege B’s personal mantra. He plans to continue fighting for the people while creating art and music.

Instagram: Privilegebofficial

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