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Akron Artist A.V.O. King is on the Rise

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There is a new rapper that’s on the rise in the music industry. Akron,Ohio rapper A.V.O. King isn’t a new artist in the industry but he may be new to others. He has been rapping for about 3 years and he’s put in a lot of work. From the beginning, A.V.O. King has been around music at the age of 8 and since then, his music caliber has grown over the years. A.V.O. King wasn’t always a rapper at first. He started making beats around the age of 19-20 years old and made his own beats and produced as well. In 2019 is when A.V.O. King was brought to life. He didn’t start rapping until one of his friends told him to hop on a track with him to make a song. 

Since then, A.V.O. King hasn’t stopped. A.V.O. King started to put his music out on SoundCloud as his first platform to use. He will use SoundCloud from 2019 to about early 2020. During this time frame this was a way for A.V.O. King to get into the music industry and show what we could do and what songs he could put out. In 2019, A.V.O. King created a record label, and the name is “Family Ties Only.” When asked about the meaning, he stated that “Family Ties Only is everything to me,it’s for the ones who I consider family and have been with me through it all, way before I even started rapping.” After using Soundcloud for a period of time he would then transition to putting music out on Spotify, Apple,Music and Youtube. A.V.O. King would then put out some songs over the years, he has songs like “I Don’t Care ft. Yungking YME”, and projects like “Statement of Mind EP” and “Statement of Mind After Hours Deluxe.”  Early this year,A.V.O. King was signed under new management “The CEO” and the meaning behind it is Challenge Every Obstacle. This management is new and it’s on the rise as well, A.V.O. King stated that “the new management feels like a new stepping stone,because I knew that for 2022 I had to make it a statement year.  

I know I have to push forward when it comes to my music more importantly, making decisions that me and my team feel like are the best decisions and not looking back on any of them or second guessing myself.” On April 22nd, A.V.O. King released his latest album “Real As It Is” and this album speaks for itself. This album has 14 tracks, with 6 features including Young Leel, Ys7Hunnet, Big Bro Bryce, Static Marty, C.Rhett, and Tgxphe. This album here shows a lot of raw emotion,drive,vibes and it focuses on stuff that is real and realistic to others. 

With this album, A.V.O. King has stated that this was a way to reintroduce himself to others and introduce himself to people in the industry. He stated that “this album is actually me; it’s something that shows who I am, and really just a way to show how much I’ve grown and progressed since I haven’t put a project out since 2020.” This album touches a lot of points on how it can relate, whether that’s related to others or just showing what reality is. “When putting this project together,I knew where it was headed and I wanted to make sure that I can make it relatable as much as I can and you gotta really listen to it, that’s what I try to do when I make songs in general. This is my first album and I wanted to show people what real is and how I speak about certain things that the next person can’t talk about or express themselves.” “Real As It Is” should be an album that we can all relate to, turn up to, and go down as a classic album one day.

“Real As It Is” is available on platforms,click the link below:

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