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Collins Isco – The Asante SoundGod Of Our Generation

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From his early years of songwriting and a well-known background from Kumasi in Ghana , Collins Asante professionally known as Collins Isco is the Asante Soundgod of our generation.
The Kumasi boy’s upcoming single titled “MNLSA” is being deemed as one of the songs of the summer, with the previous song “The One” also generating over hundreds of thousands of streams on all major platforms.
Gracing the stage with electrifying performances around the globe, The Asante Soundgod’s legacy and fan base continue to grow exponentially while staying humble all along. After all “nothing new under the sun”, Isco’s favorite phrase to use as a human being here on earth.
“I create the sounds and The Creator makes me who I am. If the fans appreciate that continuously then I’m forever grateful” says Collins Isco. With upcoming concerts and the highly anticipated “MNLSA” scheduled to be released this July, it’s no brainer why the Asante Soundgod is one of the young legends in the industry right now.
As to why some listeners think Collins Isco’s music if forever timeless, time will tell, and it definitely won’t be a surprise!
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