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Trapland Pat Shares Tracklist For 6/9 Project ‘Trapnificent,’ Gets Celestial With Fredo Bang in a New Video

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Pat taps frequent collaborator PepperJack Zoe, who produced his breakout hit “Big Business,” to handle the bulk of the production, his creeping piano-led beats providing grounding for Pat’s larger-than-life bars and hummable melodies. Trapnificent rolls out the red carpet for a tasteful selection of guests, including Sacramento street hero Mozzy, Fredo Bang, who signed Pat to his imprint Bang Biz and appears twice on the tape, and NYC Winners Circle maestro Eli Fross, Featuring an additional appearance from BIG30Trapnificent releases this Thursday.

Ahead of the tape, Pat shows off his athletic rhyming ability in “Astronaut Status,” a new anthem for the trappers. Blessed with a beat the blends atmospheric synths and chirruping choirs, Pat connects with Fredo Bang for the first time. The two emcees display a complementary chemistry: while Fredo comes through with his trademark soulfulness, Pat rhymes with a simmering tension, never raising his voice, but always making clear that he isn’t one to be taken lightly: “I really brought up all you kids, it’s like an orphanage,” spits Pat.  In the video, the bottom-of-the-map duo show off their souped-up sports cars, hit Pat’s trademark Trap Dance, and mob with the locals at a Florida gas station.

Watch Astronaut Status:

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