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Introducing Calypso Artist Rich Rasta from Trinidad and Tobago

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Music can have a positive influence on listeners and expand their consciousness and musical horizons in spite of the negativity and controversy that often surrounds. Fede Rich RastaRuben is a Canadian based recording artist whose Caribbean heritage plays a major influence in his music. His music contains song primarily from Trinidad though sung elsewhere in the southern and eastern Caribbean islands. Fede’s musical Goals are driven by his passion for the culture and music he presents. He has taken the approach of giving Calypso a modern twist but staying through the essence of the music with the use of a live band when it comes to performing. He is a son of the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. His music video “The Boss” by Fede premiered on BET Jams and you can check it out on all streaming platforms.

Calypso had a healing power and when he create this kind of music in, he create a magic through his words and voice. Its bouncy beats and tuneful melodies often serve up serious, even subversive, messages. Being in Canada Fede has created avenues to expand the reach of his music to a demographic that would be considered nontraditional participants because of their location. He has proven that anything is possible with the right support and that comes in to play with his most recent international endorsement with ARIANOIR an apparel company.

Outside the Caribbean, calypso music is regarded as carefree, light-hearted, even frivolous kind of music. Listening to music and songs like this depict successful lifestyles and financial success not only plays a role in goal setting but in that moment of release and depiction as well. There’s no denying that the lyrical content of his song is confronting, and in many instances, it includes the entertaining factor to catch the attention of listeners in a positive way.

Originating in the struggle for emancipation, the calypso genre is characterized by its witty and imaginative treatment of themes as diverse as racism but he has some different effect in his music.  Unlike the American folk tradition, which tends to distance itself from the political class, his music speaks directly to the societies and represents a different environment for them.

His partnership aligns with the Rich Rasta brand as it speaks of luxury and exclusivity but still authentic in its representation. ARIANOIR in the words of Fede “Rich Rasta” Ruben “to me it just stands out”. This definitely is evident as he wears a pair of the ARAIANOIR specs in his latest music video for his song titled “THE BOSS” which was featured on BET Networks program early April 2022 and has been one of his highest streamed songs and most viewed music videos on YouTube.

With summer fast approaching, the renowned musical artist has a lot of projects and ventures lined up for his many fans and supporters. As he continues to promote the release of his upcoming album as well as his annual SOCA Boat Party scheduled for mid-August 2022 called SOCA in MUSKOKA.

He is also going to launch his new album named Eleven: 11

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