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How Latin Artist Anuel AA Is Mixing Music With NFTs

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NFTs have become extremely popular in the last few years, with many people investing in this novel technology. This has further led to the disruption of many industries, including the music world, as NFTs provide an alternative for artists to market and sell their work, which has seen many creatives join the space. One of the many musicians who have launched their own NFTs, redefining the music industry, is top Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA.

Anuel is set to officially release his NFT collection this summer, using this opportunity to support other artists and help his audience gain easier access to his music. “The music industry primarily operates on a heavily based royalty system,” explains Anuel. This means that while streaming ensures ongoing royalties for artists, a physical record purchase only delivers musicians a single payment, making it difficult for many to sustain their lifestyles with the small amount they earn.

However, NFTs are changing all that and giving power back to the creators, making it easier for artists to monetize their passion and earn a decent living. Anuel explains that by creating this NFT collection, he aims to assist fellow musicians to better understand the NFT space and learn how to take their careers to the next level by leveraging this novel technology.

Anuel is also using his NFT project to share his music with his audience and encourage young rappers not to give up on their dreams. “In life, various challenges sometimes make it hard for us to reach our goals,” says Anuel. However, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. You can always stand up and try again.

Despite facing countless obstacles, Anuel has not given up on his passion and is a top rapper in the US and beyond.

He has over 27 million followers on Instagram and 21 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the leading rappers in Puerto Rico. Anuel AA will also be the first Latin artist to launch their own NFT collection, paving the way for others in the industry. His NFT collection will include physical assets and exclusive real-life experiences such as limited edition merchandise, access to album release parties, studio visits, and listening sessions.

To make this possible, Anuel has partnered with his father, Mr. Jose Gamzey, Jofre Cruz of Entertainment Architects, Duquan Brown of Future Media, as well as Carrie Lyn of The Creative House. Their combined experience, vast network, and deep knowledge of NFTs make them a winning team, which Anuel notes will yield fantastic results for the NFT holders and the music industry in general.

As the NFT craze continues, Anuel AA is mixing music with NFTs and redefining the music industry. His NFT collection will be launched this summer and give his fans a greater experience, allowing them to attend exclusive events and access limited edition merchandise, which will all be available on his website.

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