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The Lion is out of it’s cage – Sean Delaney

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Sean Delaney is a serial entrepreneur and music artist, born and raised in Hudson, NY. Sean is driven, passionate and charismatic with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. Staying original and true to his roots is one of his main focuses, “Everything I do, everything I create is an original mindset derived by me. That’s the way it should be. No cookie cutter here, just me.”


As a kid, Sean would wake up each morning to the sweet sounds of classic rock coming from his dad’s speakers – “without him I would have never become completely consumed with amazing music. He put me on so much and because of that I became a very eclectic and versatile artist. I am a true lyrical chameleon and I can adapt to any type of instrumental. It gives me great skill when it comes to working on different types of songs”. 


As we said, Sean isn’t only an artist – but an entrepreneur with his own record. “I always house my music under my own label. My first label was Hudcity Records and now it is Rock Your Weird Entertainment.” Sean believes that originality is the key to building a brand that will last lifetimes. 


“I want [my listeners] to be swept away and taken on a journey through my life. I want their heads to bop, fingers to snap, and feet to tap the floor. I want them to be completely taken back by the sheer dynamics of my ability to tell a story. I want them to fall in love with my authentic truth.” 


Right now he is finishing up a follow up to the Heart of A Lion EP. Heart of A Lion will contain 12 original tracks by different producers he’s come across throughout his journey. Songs such as Broken Society, the title track Heart of A Lion, Silver Platter, The World Is Yours and Clout Chasers are sure to wake up a pattern heavy market where everyone is doing the same thing to gain notoriety. 


“My album will speak upon the youth of our country and how they are coping with life. It talks about the trials of success, the will to succeed and the industry as a career killing machine. It will speak upon my story from the beginning where it all started at a High School Talent Show, to where my artistry resides today. And then there are those tracks that will just do nothing more than showcase and highlight my true lyrical talent. I am very excited about this project because it is grown and heavy at times with topics not always spoken upon in today’s media. In this project I don’t stand behind my age, my life as a husband and a father. I stand in front of it, I embrace it and I use it as a weapon of power. Very excited about this one for sure, get ready it is going to be a wild ride.”


You heard it here first, don’t miss out on Sean’s EP release coming soon, be sure to follow him on Instagram to keep up with his music, and listen to his already released music on Spotify – he is an artist you won’t want to miss. 


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