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MrAlexAcosta Drops New Music Just In Time For The Summer

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MrAlexAcosta, an upcoming rapper with a unique background and creative prowess made his debut in the industry at the age of 16. Becoming a recording artist was a dream come true for a young man living in a small town with nothing but views and hopes. One day all of that changed as he embarked on his journey to becoming that which was thought to be impossible. Growing up with musical influence from Biggie and Kanye West, he created his own lane in the industry which would ultimately land him the amazing opportunity to work with the renowned Shotgun Willy. After making strides to network with established artists to get more leverage in the game, he reached out to Shotgun Willy and sent a song he was ready to release. After hearing his masterpiece, Willy decided to direct him to delete the verses and offered to jump on the record himself.

With much success, MrAlexAcosta continues dropping songs that were looked upon as gems including his hit single, “Bank Roll” recently released. MrAlexAcosta is recording new music as we speak gearing up for another major release in the near future.

To stay up to date with him and his latest projects, please follow him on Instagram @mralexacosta

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