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Devin J. Ricks’ Media Outlet: Dev TV! Launches “The After Party” as Its Hottest New Show on the Platform!

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Dev TV! Announces the launch of its new show, “The After Party,” which is a nostalgic cross between the fan favorite throwback shows “106 & Park” and “TRL.”


An independently owned channel housed under Devin J. Ricks Productions, Dev TV! has grabbed the audience’s attention the most with its media/interview coverage with BET, VH1 and many other TV networks.


The team produces all-original content showcasing up-and-coming talent, productions and entertainment. Their range features what is going on in the culture of eccentric communities and the entertainment business.


“We make sure our audience has a voice to be heard. Our unique and creative platform gives them a new way to view certain lanes in music, entertainment and within the overall culture. Dev TV! is known for its unique and authentic creativity,” shared the Dev TV! team.


Their slogan, “Yeah Man, I See Everything,” gives justice to Dev TV!’s commitment to always keep a close eye on what’s going on in the local communities and the entertainment business — whether they be festivals, artistic events, award shows, or any other events.


They also have promotional avenues, where they drop exclusives or promote other works not specifically created by Devin J. Ricks Productions. Their promotional features include local artists, independent artists, creators or other interesting people in entertainment that catches their eye.


Devin J. Ricks (IG: @prime_time_dev & Twitter: @devydev09), Dev TV!’s owner and founder, is the face of the Dev TV! brand. He is also the lead interview correspondent and head program director/editor for all media content on the channel ( While people call him the “serial entrepreneur” or “jack of all trades,” Ricks’ first passion lies within the film world. He graduated from Morgan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Integrated Media/Video production. As a film director and writer, he’s met many famous Hollywood directors & worked on various film sets (personal, independent and professional). He recently worked with HBO on their new series “We Own This City” as an actor, which is streaming now on HBO Max. Don’t let his behind the scenes resume fool you, he’s just as talented behind the camera as well in front. His latest film project titled “Situations PT. I” from his saga titled “The Love Cycle Saga” was featured at the AMC Theaters on the East Coast and is now streaming exclusively on the Dev TV! streaming platform. You can watch for free today (


Ricks also has a creative and lifestyle brand titled, “The DJR Experience.” The brand features his “No More Apologies” apparel/clothing line, which has been worn by celebrity fashion designers (Ty Hunter etc.) and other entertainment personalities (from the hit VH1 show: Love & Hip Hop ATL etc.). He states “I want ‘No More Apologies’ to be a liberating phrase that makes people feel great about themselves and not afraid to live their lives unapologetically.” ( IG: @thedjrexperience & Twitter: @thedjrexp.


About Dev TV!


Dev TV! is an online media platform that produces all-original content showcasing up-and-coming talent, productions and entertainment. More information can be found at: (IG: & Twitter: @dev_tv_official).


This exciting new show (The After Party) can be watched exclusively on the Dev TV! social media platform.

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