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Big Daddy Swolls: Learn About This Multi-Talented Artist Who Will Be In Your Ears For Years To Come.

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Check out this awesome music video for “Mary Go Round” by Big Daddy Swolls, streaming now on YouTube! This hip-hop artist is a native Californian who used his time as an athlete and bodyguard to get into rapping. He’s been making waves in the rap game ever since he started taking up instrumentals that are scratch made specifically just for him – which you’ll hear here too with some amazing scratching by DJ Zinc aka Noriyaki Vastansson (of NMB).


Growing up in the 80s, Big Daddy Swolls was inspired by his favorite musicians and actors to become a professional bodybuilder. He soon became known for being MC Hammer’s private protector after they met at an event where both were performing; this opportunity led him into gaining knowledge on what made hits songs go platinum (or not). Even more importantly though? When you’re around people who make music all day long-it gives your art another layer of depth thanks again from constant feedback!


Big Daddy Swolls is an emerging artist who has been making music since he was in high school. He’s already released three singles, including “Roll It Back” (2020) and “Get With This.”


His latest single “Mary Go Round” is proving to be his biggest hit to date. Since its release in April, the track has gained viral attention with nearly 354,000 views on YouTube and 284,000 on Spotify. This song shows off his unique style of music perfectly. “Mary Go Round” is the perfect blend of exotic and confident verses with fun and melodic pop/R&B sounds. The result is a sexy and fun single that is great for dancing and turning up the heat.


In addition to the official music video, streaming on YouTube, “Mary Go Round” is available on your digital music platform of choice. Without a doubt, this will not be the last time you hear from Big Daddy Swolls, and definitely not the last time you listen to “Mary Go Round

Mary Go Round music video

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