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Im Rayan is melting hearts with Lo-fi music

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Many people believe that meditative and calming music is boring and saddening. There are multiple music genres that soothe people down but many a times these genres tend to border on the line of being monotonous. Although, a good thing about music is that there is something that suits everyone’s needs.


Thus, while there are music genres like Classical, New Age, Jazz Techno, there are also music genres that are soothing and at the same time are fun and interesting to listen to. One such genre is low fidelity music or Lo-fi music.


One of the best artists composing music in this amazing genre is Im Rayan.


Californian native Rayan has been born and brought up in Paris. 23-year-old music composer found his voice by performing at various venues and composing music since a very young age.


Currently, Rayan is focusing on composing his own sounds at home using digital and analogue mediums. In this spirit, he has also launched three hit Lo-fi songs — Forezy, Lost Runner and Sky Foam.


Rayan, who is a DJ and music composer in France, creates soothing, therapeutic and tranquil music. One of the star elements of Rayan’s music is that he doesn’t just stick to Lo-fi genres, instead he mixes it up with other genres like Jazz or house.


Rayan’s music has been widely appreciated for how beautifully calming it is and how it touches upon various complexities of life.


Possessing the quality of taking people to a calm and meditative place, Rayan’s music touches the mind and soul of the listeners. It is through his music that Rayan wishes to reach out to and heal as many people as possible.


Rayan has been melting the hearts of his fans and listeners for a long time and he plans to continue doing it!


Listen to Rayan’s music here and stay updated about his upcoming songs here.


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