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GeeBaby Exclusive Insider Report

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– I first got into music when I was 10 years old from listening to 50cent – Then burning cds with just his instrumentals and I’d rap his lyrics over his beats since I couldn’t write music on my own

– I more so inspired myself to make music ..

– The music I typically make is more like new age, Rap, melodic, and trap soul all combined into 1 ..

– Since I don’t write I go off my energy, I record mix and master my own music .. most of the time I like to be alone in the studio, or just a very few people .. i feel the energy from the atmosphere around me and that determines the type of music I’ll be creating right then n there … I do eveything off the top of the head.

– I want to calibrate with drake, lil durk, rod wave; & a lot of artist from my city

– If I could open a show for any artist it most likely be a kid laroi crowd or ski mask .. They fans have energy!

– One message I have for my fans is when I make it we make it.

– I don’t have a useless talent, everything I’m good at I use when needed!

– If it wasn’t for my music career I’d prolly be attending college for a 4 year degree which I plan on doing after I make it big

– I’ve performed all over the city from the garden, to the big show all the way to a showcase at the compound … I’ve pretty much touched every stage in Detroit .. the venues I least enjoy are showcase venues.

– The Internet has effected the music game in negative and positive ways but more of a positive way .. back then you’d have to drive your record to wherever you want it to go, now we post and the whole world can see.

– My favorite song to perform is “we up”

– I look up to many musicians, I’d have to say one of them would be master p due to his ability to be an all around entrepreneur & do it all from sports, music, business.

– I’ve gotten a felonious assault charge .. prolly the worst one I’ve caught . I keep my nose clean and stay out the way.

– Best advice I’ve received was “if it don’t feel right don’t do it”

– If I could change anything , I’d be the over saturation of poor quality music that is accepted. I honestly Feel like how the industry is set up today you have to kno somebody that’s already popppin to get your foot  fully in the door.

– What’s next for me is the best that’s yet to come. Platinum records and sold out tour dates .. it’s coming if I stay consistent and keep recording the quality music I record right now!

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