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Face The Great, The Multi-Talented Jamaican American Rapper, Songwriter And Entrepreneur

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Darron Dale Rowe (born April 09, 1991), better known by his stage name Face The Great, Great Man or Great Life God is a Jamaican American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He was born in New York but is deeply rooted in the Detroit Rap scene and reality rap traditions. He became known for his distinctive “Yikes” ad-lib, cultivating storytelling lyrics’ & often vivid content. His music is rumored to be semi-autobiographical, telling of hardship and criminality, but also debauchery and celebration.
He is portrayed as a Confident, Relentless mastermind businessman & a fan favorite.

There is a story about what brought you to this specific career path?* One day in high school a classmate found his rap book and bet him $100 that he couldn’t record it into a mixtape. After he recorded it and made his first $5,000 off music from selling his mixtapes to all his schoolmates and some of the teachers.

When he was first starting his career, he gave access to his social media to someone he thought had his best interest, at the time his social media following was small and growing rapidly. The person got upset with him and locked him out of his original Twitter and deleted his original Instagram. This taught him to be more cautious about who he gives access to his platform because as a famous quote says-wolves come in sheep’s clothing. He also learned a lesson from this story.
His sound is a breath of fresh air. After releasing “Tower Hill” he had fans tell him the sound is something they’ve needed for a long time. This makes him stand out from the rest in his industry.

His next big move is the Release of “International Great Man” Which Is His EP Showcasing His New Sound.

He is also a brand ambassador and co-owner of Foreign Fortune Clothing, a Global urban brand based in Detroit Mi.

To know more about him, follow him on social media:
Instagram: @facethegreat
Twitter: @facethegreatman
Facebook: Face The Great
YouTube: facethegreattv

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