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Seabash performs on stage with Platinum Artist Sean Kingston

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Never give up on your dreams. Picture yourself. Clemson, South Carolina. It’s a cool Saturday in March. You’re in a crowd of thousands and the excitement has been building. You look around and you see tens of signs with a similar message. All of them were written in praise of R&B artist Seabash. Who is he? You may ask. You look towards the stage. Out walks local rapper TMoney. He announces that Seabash has arrived. The crowd is uncontrollable at this point. “Sea! Bash!” is being shouted at the top of their lungs. The once solid crowd has turned into a liquid as a wave of people pushes forward to get closer to the stage. An instrumental starts to play. You look back to the stage. Out runs Seabash, mic in hand, the crowd in his control, the smile on his face. He takes over for an hour, mixing his songs with the classics, joking with the crowd, and rhythmically dancing with his friends on stage. He’s a performer. His voice soothes the crowd emotionally when he moves into his slower songs and you can feel the temperature change in the atmosphere. But what makes this moment so special is that in a few moments his idol Sean Kingston will make way to the stage and change Seabash’s life for the better. He’s a singer. Finally, he waves goodbye, as the crowd begs and pleads for more. He does the final song. He’s empathetic. Once a small town kid, Seabash has taken the Southeast by storm, and some say this is only the beginning.
Seabash, who was born Sebastian Thomas in Columbia, South Carolina, didn’t discover his passion for music until he was a sophomore at Clemson University. Seabash had no intention of taking music seriously, but when his peers heard some of his early pieces, they encouraged him to keep going. Seabash began taking images and films for other artists in order to fund his music career. As a result, he was given the nickname “BashBenzo,” which is also the handle of his photography website. Seabash’s best friend Victoria passed away tragically late in his second-year of college. The greatest way for Seabash to honor her was to write a song and deliver it to her family. Victoria is the name of the song.

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