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Lenny Nostra Ensuring Young People Have Bright Futures through New Beginning Foundation

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Changing the world begins with one person willing to go all the way to make those changes happen. So often, the only requirement is the willingness to go all the way regardless of obstacles or challenges. Philadelphia , PA rapper Lenny Nostra is that person who cares about young people, doing everything to secure a bright future for as many as possible through his charitable foundation, New Beginning Foundation.

Born Leonard Denis, Nostra has released catchy and powerful songs with relatable lyrics that chronicle his journey and aspirations. Songs like “Here we go again,” “Fly Away,” and “Knew Better Do Better” have shown how much positive energy he has to share with the world. While he seeks success in the music world, he’s also passionate about impacting people’s lives positively. Thus, he tries to uplift, encourage, and empower through his music and lyrics. With his growing influence, he decided to take things further by establishing New Beginning Foundation, a charitable foundation, in October 2018.

The Philadelphia-based philanthropist is driven by a deep sense of purpose to make life better for every underprivileged child and help them get access to a better life. He focuses on foster children, children in placements & underprivileged communities. His goal is to give hope and reassurance to those currently in the living situations he once lived in. The vision of making sure no one ever has to go through the same things he did motivated him to establish New Beginning Foundation. Over the last few months, the foundation has gone all out to give children and young people the new beginning they need to become the best versions of themselves.

New Beginning Foundation’s strategy revolves around developing children to be ready for the challenges of adolescence and adulthood so they can be better equipped to reach their full potential. The foundation achieves its mission through self-empowerment and literacy. To ensure that the foundation’s mission takes off the right way, Nostra has facilitated the building of the first community center just close to the neighborhood in which he grew up.

Inspired by Luis Farrakhan and many other iconic community heroes, Leonard Denis plans to organize after-school activities and develop educational programs to keep young people off the streets and away from societal vices. “I grew up in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia and witnessed poverty firsthand. In the black community We all spent our childhood years hoping and praying for some sort of miracle to give us the tools and resources that could help us succeed in our lives. For some it did, for most Nothing came, but we all wanted to find ways to make it out of the hood. With New Beginning, I want to give youths  a new beginning and a new sense of life,” he said. 

Over the next few years, his goal for New Beginning Foundation is to turn it into one of the major community centers and organizations on the east coast. Other plans include opening fitness centers, music videos, and other ventures that provide the empowerment young people need to succeed. 

“The world has gone on for too long without giving solid hope to the underprivileged kids. I’m here to let them know that there are people who care. And even though we’re trying to do so much all by ourselves, our intentions matter, and we will not rest until our impacts are felt across communities where help is needed the most,” Nostra said.

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