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D ROCKE’S Latest Release ‘SEE US WIN’ Is Making Headlines

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The music industry is fast growing. Many young artists are entering the stage with a new taste in music. D ROCKE has been a rap artist who has lately been disrupting the industry and making headlines. 

The Come Up

Ever since releasing his first single ‘See Us Win D Rocke has been revolutionizing the streets of New York with his unique music. Though this artist comes from Ny, he moved to New Jersey as an independent artist. 

He has some very touching songs such as “Deaf 2 The Pain ” on his upcoming EP “LOSING FRIENDS” scheduled to drop this June.

What Makes D ROCKE Different In The Industry?

His producers are also professionals who do quality production. His expertise was born from his passion for listening to rap music. 

Additionally, D Rocke is always at the heart of his fans, ensuring that he satisfies them. He will be releasing projects every season to ensure that his followers are always entertained. And through this action, he has moved so fast and soon will be on the top of the rap artists list.


D Rocke’s abilities were founded on the foundation of persistence. Additionally, he has learned to accept failure because he understands that failure is part of success. This artist never settles for average. He also learned to expose his fears and anxiety when he was starting. He went ahead to do the work, working with all his passion. 


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