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Artist Mischiff Opens Up About His Journey

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Dominican-American singer, songwriter, and producer Mischiff, born Amouris Coss, is making his way throughout the entertainment space as he makes his mark as a musician and model. A New York native, he was born in Oceanside, NY, and raised in Freeport. In all that he does, Mischiff holds himself to high standards and everyone around working with him. He strives to be an honest and reliable person at all times. He states:

“All we have is our word and without that we are nothing.”

Getting his start in the music industry as a DJ on SoundCloud, he would make mixes and upload them to the platform, which quickly gained him notoriety and his work went viral. He started making travel videos on Instagram and continued to release music, which was received well by fans and has gotten him to where he is today.

Currently, he is the founder of Mischiff Records, New York, and he releases his own music under this label. His debut project, “Heart Got Cold”, was released digitally in May of 2020, and he has released several other projects shortly after.

To this day, one of Mischiff’s greatest accomplishments is that his favorite track, “Falling for You” has over 1 million digital streams across all platforms. Plus, he highlights that he was invited to attend the Latin Billboard Awards alongside some of the biggest artists of today.

To hear more from Mischiff and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

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