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A.B. Sees | Mount Vernon’s one and only reflects on the journey from outside to courtside

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Often found at high end events or moving around with his childhood friend JB Smoove, who’s career blasted off as ‘Leon’ from the HBO hit ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ to the Spider-Man films today, @abbutler914 would come out to find you and your family at the VIP entrance with a big smile, and whisk you in to the mix. One time, JB invited us to the set of ‘The Last OG’ where he was filming alongside Tracy Morgan. A.B. said ‘Tracy, this is my man I was telling you about.’ Tracy shook my hand and said, ‘The guy with all the comic books! You are a very important person!’. AB has a way of blowing you up to people to make you feel special. I’ve been planning to pay him back for moments like that one day. Today is that day.

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