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Newest Hype in Hip-Hop Street Wear – Til The End Clothing

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As if New York doesn’t have enough recognition for having the hottest street wear brands around – Til The End Clothing has earned it’s stripes in the hip-hop and streetwear.

We sat down with owner Drew Traficante for an insider scoop on what makes his brand so special and what’s at stake for the future of the Til The End Clothing. Appearing all over NYC, this clothing apparel line has been seen on the backs of many notable New York Hip-Hop celebs and artists such as “Playy2Day”, “Yung Smilez” and “TOP NINJA”. Just this past January, Til The End Clothing was posted multiple times on New York rapper “Jadakiss” Instagram story with over 2 million views, being seen by the likes of rappers such as Fat Joe, Nas and Snoop Doggy Dog.

In our 1 to 1 interview Drew Traficante, owner, he revealed starting the clothing line after “I lost my cousin back in 2006 which was a dark time for me which sparked what created the brands name and meaning “Til The End Clothing – to the ones we lost”. Traficante stated, “I wanted to use that grief for creative expression to keep her memory alive through the apparel”. Drew also mentioned being quite personable with his customers, feeling as if every time someone purchases a piece of apparel, they are representing living in full effect and doing what they love “til the end” while keeping the ones they love and lost close to them on their journey.”

Interview Q & A:

Question: What do you have in the works for the brands growth? And what hip hop artists have you recruited to help improve your brand awareness?

Answer: My bro “Hudson Redwater” we linked up early March 2022 at a show he performed at SOB on Varick street in Manhattan. Redwater got his footwear line called “Rebelgentlemen” been selling non stop all over New York City. We are in the process of expanding my brand into the shoe game which will be released most likely at the end of this year. Prices start at $500 a pair. I’m learning a lot from other creatives and always searching for talented artists. I’ve got ambassadors from New York to the United Kingdom representing the brand and I’m always recruiting.

Question: In what ways did the hip hop industry community help the brand?

Answer: I have sponsored many hip hop artists by doing collaborations which got my brand out in front of different audiences. The brand’s urban lifestyle goes well with the genre and culture of hip hop. Let’s get this right, Hip-Hop has some of the most creative and talented individuals I have ever worked with such as artist Top Ninja, who is the CEO of “Ninjas World Wide” a nation wide platform for upcoming artists and entrepreneurs helped get artist & brands industry spotlight which has helped me in this field tremendously.

Question: I see you have something new out every month. Who comes up with these designs?

Answer: Everything you see I created from scratch. Only some specific pieces I collaborated with freelance designers that has had a huge impact on my business. For reference, I collaborated on “To The Ones We Lost” shorts and shirts with my brother Jon Cuesta out on Long Island. These pieces mean the most to the brand because it’s why I started. The final production came out better than expected and he helped spread the meaning to the people on his side. For anyone who purchases half the proceeds go to a bereavement program of choice. I give back to the community and use my platform to help others. During the pandemic, I hosted a design contest having to be related to Til The End. Freelance artists submitted their work and the winner would get a free hoodie from the brand with their artwork on it. The clothing industry has a lot of competition and I’m blessed to get recognized for the work I put in. I have a team behind me that supports my vision some of who I just met and those who been there from the start, including my blood brother Marc Traficante. I’ve had tunnel vision these past 3 years and dedicated a lot of my personal time to get things right. It’s good to see everything paying off.

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