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I Recently Listened to In and Out by $peeeezy

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I was listening to a Spotify playlist last week while working out at the gym when this Mobb Deep type of beat started to play. The first 10 seconds reminded me of the instrumental in “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. I told myself “Okay, this gonna be a very bad song or a very good song ’cause the beat is so pure.” The chorus was on beat, and the melody matched it perfectly. What really got me tuned in was the first four bars of the first verse:

Sporty exercise is an orgy wit’ four shorties,
If I’m horny, I’ll do her if she’s smokin hot scorchy.
Record me, support me like chef or Jeff Gordy.
Forever endeavor young looks, even when I’m forty.”

After I heard that, I thought “Wow, $peeeezy starts the song with so much confidence.” His boss-type attitude tells the listener that they’re gonna listen to what he has to say. After I heard that song, I listened to everything he’s released. I’m keen to hear what he puts out in the future! I definitely will be sharing his music going forward!

G-Unit Records x

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