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Miss Jayce – “Vibe Sessions”

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Miss Jayce is a pop/indie-pop artist, singer/songwriter who was born in Colombia and raised in Norway. Miss Jayce has been creating music and wanting to be an artist since she was in the kindergarten and discovered Madonna. She fell in love with the True Blue, and has ever since been creating, singing and dancing. Been in different band projects, but is now taking a leap with the indie-pop song, vibe sessions.

FAJo Music has quickly snatched vibe sessions up. The song is the first of her new musical orientation, so she is working hard to pursue her goal of world recognition with her melodic angel. The song vibe sessions were created in a vacuum between Christmas and New Year. An old theme was put together on a brand new Taylor guitar. The song melts on the tongue, if it was an expression. Curls up into your ear and keeps you all the time dreaming and waiting for what awaits around the next corner. Is it love this time, or is it just golden memories from yesterday? Or maybe the promises of what can come, only tomorrow? Love should make you better, so maybe it’s something else when it makes you lesser. If you are smart, you don’t pursue. If you are in love, you try to burn yourself. Just a little more. That’s the mood.

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